Our Instructors

Halleli Nenner Studio Owner

After completing her Military service in the  communications field, Halleli trained at the Sandcial School of Dance then went on to complete her higher education at the Nissan Nativ Acting Studio, Tel Aviv.

She began studying Pilates at the Simone Markman College, followed by teacher training at the Liat Gindi Reformer Studio in her native Israel.

After moving to Brighton in 2018, Halleli qualified as a reformer instructor after passing the Ten Education Dynamic Teacher Training Course undertaken at Ten Education Health, Notting Hill.

Halleli is a trained Yoga teacher, having completed the YogaHaven Certified Teacher Training Course.

As a firm believer in continuous education and lifetime learning, Halleli is currently undertaking the Stott Pilates ‘Intensive Reformer’ course.

Since qualifying as a Professional Instructor, she has successfully mentored and inspired groups and individuals of all ages to achieve and surpass their goals.

Halleli's expereinced approach to identifying causes and creating motivational workout plans has built her an exception reputation amongst her valued clientele.


'In 2010, I embarked on a Vipassanā meditation course which has helped me tremendously with my approach towards teaching.'

Places of study and Qualifications:

  • Simone Markman College, Classical Pilates Mat Instructor, Anatomical Physiology training

  • Liat Gindi Reformer Studio, Pilates Reformer Instructor Training Course

  • Ten Education Advanced Dynamic Teacher Training Reformer Course

  • Yogahaven Cerified Teacher Training

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Elda Martello

For Elda, Pilates is a celebration of movement that we use to achieve well-being in body, mind and spirit. What started as a hobby, became her passion and then took over as her career. Not content with simply certifying as a Comprehensive Pilates Instructor, she is continually drawn to an ever-deeper study of anatomy and exercises.


Elda enjoys working with clients of all ages, abilities and experience. Seeing their transformation reaffirms her belief in Pilates’ benefits. Interacting with them leaves space for reciprocal growth.

“This development creates a positive energy we can both use to face change and to achieve our goals”.

Elda designs classes to create positive energy, improve flexibility, build strength and re-educate your body to move in a more precise, controlled and fluid way. The emphasis on the breath, alignment and developing a strong core will enable you to achieve well-being. You can increase intensity over time as your body adapts to the exercises.

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Lauren Pool

Lauren is a certified Comprehensive Pilates teacher after completing two years of training in London’s Polestar Pilates school. Her training specialises in rehab and preventative Pilates working with clients both 1:1 and in group sessions. Lauren started her training as a Pilates teacher due to the positive impacts it had in recovery from a knee injury and a chronic illness. After 12 years working in a high-pressure industry, Lauren understands firsthand how valuable a movement practice can be to support mind and body health.

Each one of Lauren’s classes is designed to create a positive movement experience. The outcome leaves you with a sense of strength, calm and balance through your body and mind. Pilates is a powerful movement tool that can not only help with making everyday movement more easeful it can also improve immediate and long-term physical and mental benefits.

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Benji Vize Harrington

Benji aims to give his clients a sense of awareness by developing both the mind and body to support a healthy positive lifestyle.

Centering and balancing the body is fundamental, as it ensures alignment and stability for the individual. The control of the breath allows you to deepen the internal work of the muscles and to relax and focus the mind.

Whether it’s a strong dynamic class, or a gentle class to stabilise joints and align muscles, Benji’s ability to adapt and suit movement to the individual is the key to his and his clients’ enjoyment and stimulation.

Formerly a student of the London Contemporary Dance School, Benji has performed as a dancer in many stage and television shows. He then became a fitness instructor teaching dance, aerobics and Pilates,. He worked abroad in Italy for six years combining and developing his experience.

Since returning to the UK, he has completed a Pilates teacher training course with Alan Herdman, and is currently specialising in rehab, general fitness and fine tuning the professionals.

  • Alan Herdman Pilates Teacher Training Course - Matwork, Reformer, Trapeze, Anatomy & Physiology

  • Premier Global Fitness Instructor - Use of weights, Programme Building, Anatomy & Physiology

  • BA in Contemporary dance at London Contemporary Dance School - Contemporary & Classical Dance Techniques, Anatomy & Physiology, Improvisation, Choreography, Pilates, Music, Dance Events & Organization

“The body and the brain are completely interdependent. When skillfully working the muscles combined with oxygenating the body with the breath and further linking the conscious to the subconscious mind one is truly working within the realms of Contrology, leading to physical and spiritual harmony.”

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Ilana Rogol-Dixon

Being a trained dancer and naturally active person, Ilana found Pilates through injury. In 2017 she studied Mat Pilates with Body Control.

After moving to Canada in 2018 she studied Reformer and Barre with Stott, becoming qualified in 2019.

Ilana has taught in seven studios since 2017 and has many loyal online private clients. 

'I have a grounded and dynamic teaching style, and pride myself on my ability to work with a variety of clients and injuries.'

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