Group Pilates, The Ethos of The Pilates Collective


Our group sessions are held online throughout the week. Please check our timetable for a time and type of session that suits you.

One To One

Private lessons held at a time that suits you. Each session is tailored to your individual needs or goals. Would suit anyone recovering from a specific injury, or more advanced practitioners.

Couples sessions

A very popular class!
Allows yourself and your partner to workout together in the comfort of your own space, using mutually beneficial exercises. Held at a convienient time to yourselves.

Family sessions

A fun, healthy and engaging way to bring the family together! A uniquely devised workout plan to suit every member. Just to make sure there is no boredom, I incorporate elements of acrobalance and yoga into these fun sessions.


A bespoke class using the reformer machine, taught online from the Reach Physiotherapy Pilates studio.

Reformer Pilates is often considered more dynamic and intense than its mat work counterpart because most of the exercises are performed through greater ranges of motion and involve resistance that is applied from springs and bands. The reformer was initially created to complement the movements that Pilates originally called Contrology exercises, and was designed to prepare Pilates students for the more advanced mat work exercises.

* You must have your own use of a reformer machine to take part in this class.

With thanks to Bryony for this amazing picture of the studio :) (